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Experience the many benefits of Pilates for yourself, as it is a great way to stay fit, flexible and build core strength. Pilates focuses on mindful breathing and movements that can provide a physical restoration for people at any age and fitness level. 

The Pilates method was invented by German-born trainer, Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. Exercises within the method focus on postural alignment and creating balance throughout the whole body to provide support for the spine. The traditional Pilates Principles of breath, concentration, centering, control, precision and flow have continued to remain remain key elements of the workouts. Evolution of this exercise now  integrate anatomical and bio-mechanical thinking and have modernized equipment that is adaptable to suit individual needs. 


Pilates will improve stability, increased range of motion, promote support for low back issues and aid in many types of prehabilitation and recovery. Try a Mat Class today, all ranges of ability are welcome, from beginners to trained athletes.


Private and semi-private sessions are available by appointment. All classes are tailored to help meet each client’s specific needs.


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