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Need animation and live music for an incredible event?


String Circus, the entertainment company offering a broad variety of specialty acts, ranging in scope from marveling acrobatic and aerial circus feats, musical mayhem and interactive character walkabout!

Do you or a group in your community want to learn circus skills? String Circus offers private and group tuition for students ranging in age from 2 years and beyond. Building confidence and skills in a safe and fun environment are paramount guidelines, String Circus aims to provide opportunities to play in the world of circus, with all of the challenges and triumphs it can bring. In one class you can learn basic acrobatics, human pyramids, juggling, hand balancing, plate spinning, hula hoops and more. Learning circus skills involves fitness, coordination, balance, trust, and having fun!


Private, Group and Outreach Classes are available. Book a single workshop or longer term project for your corporate team or community group.

Please contact us for further information and scheduling.


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